Philip Treacy: Hats in the 21st Century


Starting on the 27th of November 2014, Philip Treacy: Hats in the 21st Century will open at the Chertkov House, a venue with a rich and unique history, featuring a refurbished interior. The attendees will be presented more than 100 items, including hats worn by the royal family, pop stars and famous actresses. There will also be sketches, art work and magazine covers on display.

The Chertkov house was designed by C. Karina in the estate of Prince Alexei Dolgoorukov. In 1831 the building was acquired by Alexander Dmitrievich Chertkov, subsequently becoming the largest library devoted to Russian history, including books, coins, manuscripts, letters, maps and portraits. Pushkin, Pogodin, Zhukovsky, Gogol and Leo Tolstoy all worked within these walls, and were friends of Chertkov. Today it remains as a modern exhibition space.

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